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childbirth preparation Workshop

Mother love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible.

Marion C. Garretty

Ina May


Women have an innate wisdom that gives them the strength and skills to grow, birth and nurture their babies. It is a wisdom that every woman carries, and can tune in to and lean on, especially with the right support from those around her.

Through ante-natal education, good nutrition, proper care of one's body and the creation of a supportive environment in which to give birth, women and their partners can make childbirth an unforgettable and treasured experience, even when things don't go exactly to one's plan.

I support my clients in pregnancy, birth and the post natal period, and am dedicated to helping them achieve the experience they desire. It was when walking along a canal in Berkshire in the UK that a beautiful mother inspired me to delve deeper into the work I was doing with families, and see where it led me. I will be forever grateful for her sharing her stories and trust in mothering and birth with me, and allowing me to see how wonderful the process can be when there is confidence and belief in the process.

The day when one becomes a parent is the day that one's life is forever transformed, and it's a day one remembers for the rest of their life. I am honoured when a family chooses me to be in their space as they welcome a new baby to their lives. I am passionate not only about birth though, but also about the need for positive and familiar support in the transition from pregnancy to parenting. This period of a family’s journey deserves enormous support, as the adjustment to becoming a family is a huge one for most of us in a western society such as this in which we live. Not many of us are fortunate enough to have a ‘village’ to create a nurturing circle around a new family, and with many of us living away from our closest relatives, it can be important to create strong networks in the early years of parenting.

I encourage new parents to trust their intuition, and make choices for them and their baby that are based around an inner knowing and trust. There are many different ways to parent, and with so many people offering their two cents worth about the wrong and right way to raise children and birth (to anyone sporting a bump or with a new babe in arms), it is beneficial to have the one on one support of another woman who won't "tell you what to do" but rather encourage you to look at all of your options, and see which parts of which philosophies fit best with your situation and babies needs. The time which they are in our arms is so short. Every family deserves people around them who nurture and respect their journey.

A birth attendant (also called a doula) is a woman who assists another woman and her partner/family during labor, and provides support to her and her family in the post-natal period.

My role is strictly non-medical, but I can assist in helping you research what choices you may like to explore about where you birth and what model of care you choose.

Scientific studies published in such places as the New England Journal of Medicine and the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology have documented the positive effects of doula support.

A Cochrane review on why it is important to have continuous support in labour showed that doing so increased the chance of a spontaneous vaginal birth, had no identified adverse effects and women were more satisfied with their births.

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